4 Instances When Your Company Should Consider Upgrading Security Cameras


Newer security camera models offer better clarity, longer battery life, more features, and easier installation. Most companies are forced to re-evaluate and upgrade their security cameras after a few years. Upgrading allows them to take advantage of the latest technology and keep their security systems up-to-date. Whether it's due to a new company policy or an increase in crime, there are several instances when a business should consider upgrading their security cameras.

29 September 2022

3 Compelling Reasons To Install Security Camera Systems In Your Learning Facility


Part of your responsibility when running a school is ensuring safety and security in your learning environment. This is vital, especially in this era where you may not know the security challenges that may arise. Due to this fact, locks on the doors and windows or metal detectors are no longer enough to guarantee maximum security on your school premises. Therefore, in addition to other security measures, you should consider installing security camera systems.

22 June 2022

How Homeowners Benefit from Residential Camera Systems


Thanks to technological advancements, homeowners can now make their residences more secure by installing camera systems. Gone are the days when all a person had to rely on was a lock on their door. Today, you can remotely control who gets in and out of your property. What's more, residential camera systems give homeowners real-time updates on what's going on around the perimeters of their properties. So even if you're away from home, you can breathe easy knowing your home is monitored.

17 March 2022