Using Surveillance Cameras Upon Your Residential Property


If you are concerned about security, you have likely considered investing in cameras to aid in protecting your family. Cameras allow you to monitor your home's perimeter, as well as the interior, making it easier to obtain assistance if security becomes breached. The locations where you place cameras, as well as features provided via surveillance services, make an impact on the overall protection level provided.

It Is Best To Use A Mix Of Seen And Obscured Cameras

Before you purchase cameras, think about where you intend on placing them so you have an idea about how many you need and what types to install. It is wise to have several options available, rather than just one camera on-site, for maximum protection. In addition, using both cameras that are seen by others and some unidentified without searching for them is wise. This way, potential intruders are aware there are cameras on the premises, but will not know if there are some tucked away out of view. This may make an intruder think twice about targeting your home.

Make Sure All Entryways Have Cameras Nearby

Place a camera near each of the doors that allow you to enter your home. Doors are the easiest areas for intruders to access to gain entry to a structure. When you place a camera, make sure it has a full view of the entire doorway and its surroundings, so you pick up footage of any suspicious activity to pass on to local law enforcement agencies if needed. In addition to outdoor cameras, place cameras inside facing the doorways as well. 

Place Cameras In High-Traffic Areas Inside And Lower Traffic Spots Outside

When you install cameras inside of your home, opt for areas where people utilize the most, such as facing a hallway or in larger spaces that connect to smaller rooms. This way, footage is definitely obtained if someone happens to make their way inside of your home. Outdoors, place cameras in spots obscured from the street and driveway, as intruders tend to try gaining entry to homes where they are less likely to be seen by others.

Consider Using An Application For Constant Monitoring

Many people enjoy having peace of mind in knowing they are able to view their property at any time they wish. Applications are available with many security systems and camera setups that allow users to log in and tap into live footage of their homes. If you do happen to notice something suspicious, simply contact the security company via alert capabilities right from the application you use.

For more information, reach out to a local security company, like All Pro Security.


29 March 2021

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