A Burglar Alarm Monitors Your Store For Intruders And Protects Your Valuables


A burglar alarm is an essential part of a commercial security system. It serves two purposes: it frightens off intruders and it alerts authorities to a crime in action. Depending on the type of shop you have, you may want alarm triggers on doors, windows, display cases, at cash registers, and in storerooms. Here are some choices you have for your burglar alarm system.

A Loud Or Silent Alarm

A loud alarm can frighten burglars and vandals away, which can be a good thing and stop a crime in progress. However, if you're trying to catch a criminal in the act, then a silent alarm can be used instead. An intruder can't hear a silent alarm, but the alarm will alert you or the monitoring company. Police can then be notified of the crime and sent to your shop to catch the burglar in action and get them off the streets. It always helps to back up your alarms with a good video system so you have photos and videos of criminals who trigger your alarms.

A Self-Monitored Alarm Or A Monitoring Service

If you have a loud alarm, the noise will alert neighbors and police that your store has been breached, but it may take too long for the alarm to be noticed and for police to be dispatched. This time window could allow thieves time to take off with valuable inventory. When you have an alarm that's monitored by a service, the service will alert you or the police as soon as the alarm is triggered so the response time is much faster. You can also have alarms sent to you through your smartphone so that you are immediately notified when the alarm goes off and then you can check the video feed and determine if the police need to be called or if you can handle the situation yourself.

An Intrusion Alarm Or An Alarm With Other Features

When you think of a burglar alarm, you probably think of an alarm that only goes off when an intruder smashes out window glass in your store. However, you can install a commercial alarm system that also monitors your building for fire and water damage. These work just like burglar alarms in that they send an alert to the monitoring service or to you when smoke, heat, or water is detected so you can take quick action to correct the problem before your building is damaged.

A burglar alarm is an important security feature for your shop, but it should be just one part of a system that includes proper lighting, video monitoring, and motion detecting that works around the clock to keep your shop safe from crime. Consult with a security system service like Sonitrol Security Systems about your burglar alarms. 


6 June 2019

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