3 Ways To Keep Your Small Shop Secure


Owning your own small store is a wonderful way to be your own boss and earn a living while also being a true member of your local community. One thing that can diminish the enjoyment you get from owning your store is worrying that it will be broken into or vandalized. Even with good insurance, this type of crime is disruptive to business as well as violating. Luckily, there are things you can do to help ensure your small shop is kept safe and secure, even when you're away. Here are a few ideas:

Add an Access Control System

Access control is an effective way to keep your store secure that is also more affordable and convenient than many other options. With access control, only people given access, such as employees and cleaning personnel, will be able to unlock the door to your store, back office, and other secure areas. You can change access at any time, and your system can be set up using scannable key cards, codes, or whatever makes the most sense for you. You will even be able to log into your access control system to see who has been in the shop and when.

Add More Cameras

These days, high definition security cameras are affordable and work better than ever, so it makes sense to have them at multiple locations. Having cameras that clearly show your entrances, windows, cash register, and perhaps your back office will give you more peace of mind. With today's technology, you will be able to log into an app on your phone or laptop and access your security camera feed at any time, even when you are at home or on vacation. Just the presence of visible cameras may be enough to deter crime in many cases.

Improve Your Exterior Lighting

Since most break-ins occur after hours at night when no one is around, it's a great idea to add better exterior lighting. Bright motion-activated lights are a great deterrent to crime since most criminals are leery of breaking in or vandalizing while highly visible to anyone driving or walking by. Plus, if a crime does occur, your lights will help ensure that your security camera footage is as clear as possible when you hand it over to the police.

It pays to be proactive and take steps to secure your shop. Following these tips will ensure your source of livelihood is protected from crime. Contact a company, like Phoenix Access Control, for further help.


23 October 2018

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