Security Camera Myths Refuted


Adding security cameras to your home or business can be an excellent upgrade to make, but these security systems are far more complicated than most people realize. Making the mistake of believing myths about security cameras can cause you to make poor decisions about this upgrade. Luckily, you can help reduce the chances of this happening by having a solid understanding about the following two commonly believed security camera myths. 

Myth: Outdoor Security Cameras Always Require Floodlighting

Security on the exterior of your building is an important way of protecting it against vandalism and burglary because these cameras will be in an excellent position to see what is happening in the yard. However, some people fail to realize that these cameras have undergone extensive advances in recent years, and it may no longer be necessary to install expensive and unsightly floodlights on the outside of your building. 

This is possible through the use of infrared cameras. These cameras are able to clearly see in the dark without the presence of additional lighting. While you can improve the resolution of these cameras with a modest amount of lighting, this may be done by installing discreet LED lights that are designed to work with these cameras. 

Myth: It Is Difficult To Review The Footage From These Cameras

Another frequent idea is that it can be difficult to observe the footage on these cameras, and while this was a problem with tape-based systems, computers have allowed all digital recording systems. These systems can be quickly accessed, and they usually have a built-in timestamp system that will allow you to move to any time of the day that you want to see within a matter of seconds. 

As a further benefit of opting for an all-digital system, you can usually connect these cameras to the internet. This will allow you to observe the security footage from anywhere, and there is usually a live option that allows you to check on your property in real-time. 

Security cameras have undergone dramatic advances in recent years, and it is now possible to get these cameras with a range of features. Whether it is the ability to see in little to no light or the benefits of an all-digital system, you can likely find a modern security camera that can discreetly meet your needs from a company like Digitron Security Systems, Inc. After having these two notions refuted, you should have more of the knowledge needed to make a sound decision for your home or business's security needs. 


17 September 2015

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