Taking A Closer Look At Common Residential Video Surveillance System Mistakes


A security system may be one important feature to add to your home, but a high-quality video surveillance system can add an even more valuable layer of home protection. Even though video surveillance provides valuable features, such as 24/7 monitoring and visitor identification before you allow someone access, way too many homeowners make mistakes with their video surveillance systems. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make when it comes to residential video surveillance and what you need to know to make sure you do not follow the same path.

Mistake: Letting everyone know that you have video surveillance and how it works.

Why? You may excited to have your new system in place, and you may even post a sign on your property to let everyone know that your home is protected. However, letting all of your friends and family members see all of the details about your new system and where the cameras are located is never a good idea. If word gets out about your video system and where all of the cameras are located, someone up to no good could come to know a bit too much about your system and how it can be compromised.

Mistake: Opting for the most inexpensive camera equipment you can find.

Why? Most home video surveillance systems cost anywhere between $892 and $2,274. Shopping around to get the best deal is always wise, but make sure you do not go too cheap and get low-quality or low-resolution cameras. Your video surveillance system will only be as good as the quality of the images you capture. If you are recording at all times and cannot see the details enough to make out what an intruder looks like or what kind of vehicle they are driving, you will be left with security footage that doesn't do you a whole lot of good.

Mistake: Situating cameras in highly visible areas.

Why? You may want intruders to know you have surveillance, but placing the cameras in places where they are highly visible will leave them open to someone who may try to eliminate them if they are trying to break in your home. It is best to keep the cameras tucked away out of sight, such as on exterior corners or on the rooftop.

By taking a look at the big mistakes other video surveillance system owners make, you can make sure you do not do anything to compromise your own potential level of security when you have it installed. Be sure you talk openly with the professional who installs your residential surveillance system. If you're looking for a video surveillance company, visit American Wireless Alarm Inc.


16 September 2015

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